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3 3 3 we dodged a winter - bullett..but where you could still see some slick sppts on your way into work this morning. 3 and....still loooing for lovv cities.. for siinles. & 3 & 3 & 3 ptursday, ebruary 14tt
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3 the baltimore city school contracts of sevvral chaattr &panddindepennently run schools. that means... they will shut 3 school year..- year.megan gilliland is ive -outsiie onn of tte schools ssated to close... with reaction. good morning guysswe're live wwst... one of he schools -& that is now set to cllse down. &&pthe board chair here says... it's jjuttnot fair. -3 fair.ssying... the school was fiially on an upswing.thh &pcriteria was based on aaademic
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perforrance.... climate and financial government.bluford -3 drew jemison is an all mall school focused on math and & enginneringit opened... in 2007....and the board chair -& here... admits... ii has haa its share of trouble iinthe 2008... ooe of the school's secretaries stooe more than 63-ttousand dollars aad isscurrently in the -3&process of paying ittback. 3 11:09:17 whhnnyou have major & thefts from staff it hurts at - homm buu in teems of acheivementtthe boys have done welllin the past 3 years. buu -& thhy measured us ovvr a renew pontracts aalo vvted not to renewwcontracts for baltimore &pcivitassand for baltimore -3rennw contraats the sccool & board they measured us over a - inntte past 3 years. but they measured us over a 5 yyar period. period. the school board also -3 voted nnt to rrnew ontracts --3 for balttmore civitts and &baltimore freedom - close t the end of the next schooolyear.... what this means ffr the students who go hour.liie, i'm megan - 3 this morniig..we're
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leaaniig....the shooter in te -3 murder-suucide just off the campus... worked for campus worked as a police auxiliary -- ficer for about two eeks in -the summer.he didn't ccrrr a badge or aagunn but had a police radio tt ontact & officers if he saw trouble.a spokespersoo says he was fired, after he didn'' howuu for workktwice. 3&pthe univvrsity oo maryland student who survived this & is now out of he hospital. 22-year-ool neal oa is currrntly recoveeing at home... surrouuded by family. oa's stepfatter says it's a - miracle neal suuvivee. in annapolis... somm lawmakers are oooing at this recent tragedy with a ccitical eye... saying it's time for pivate of the mentally ill. 3&p 30:07 iithink the medical community needs to step they'rr the ones wwh know the people who have thh problees who are dangerous to themselves and others so heyy need to come forwwrd and work with us to ome up witt ways &pto make sure that people that have meetal issues problems and should nottbe owning guns
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them despite sufffrinn from a mmetal illness... u-m-ddgunmaa dayvonngreen was allowee to 3& pistol and 22-ccliberruzz. today, governor o'malley will testify before a seeate judiciaa committee... too reppaa thh death penalty in -&pmaryland.o'malley says he believes theegeneral assembly has thh will toobbnn apital 3president mike miller is a supporttr of capitaa punishment... but believes the reppal legislaaion will pass this year.o'malley tried tt push for a epeaa in 2009, but -3 fell short. p3&pvictims of tte aurora almmst 3-million doollrs from the justice deparrtent.. those who will rceive support include the 12 people kklled, thee69 wounded and their families, others in the pheaaer omplex at the time, firss resppnderssand residents that evacuated from an aparttent cooplle where - explosive devices weee -3 discovered.lass july,
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a gunmen openee fire during aascreening & of "the ddrk knight rises." nato's top commander... is now coosidering retirement.sourcess close to general john allen say he may take time off to speed with his family... before taaing on another & assignment. general llen spent nearly tww years as &pcommander of nnto ffrces in & afghanistan....before finding -3 pimself aught in scandal over embarrassing e-maiis with floridd occalite jill kelley. affer months of invvstigating... llen waa - cleared of any wwongdoing..-&p3&pafferr5 days strrnded on the paaer... tte carrivalltriumph & will make its way back to land pxpected a relaaing caribbeaa &ptelll us... this trip as left sooe witt bad experience. & experience. &pthe trouble on the carnival triumph started ssnday... whee a fire broke out in the engiie plectrical power to go out. thattmeant no engine power and
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no air conditioning...right nowwabbarr tte ssip there are...-more than three thousann crrw members...-and aa handful of working reetroomms (mick-kerry-ggn's))daughter ann ex-husband are on board. eaten onion sandwiches and phee weee asking tt use the red plastic bags to use the restroom in, ann they had some fruit. they did have sooe water, but t 3 was warm bottlld water." offered an apology..."nn one here from caanival is happy this shhi and we obvioosly are veryy orry abouu what has takee placc..the company is offeeing a fulllrefund nd say that's not good enougg."i & promise you, none of myyfamiil probably verr ever take annther cruise.."tree tugboats &pare pulling the massive ship through he gull of mmxico...'s expectee to dock n mobile alabama late this afternnon.i'' ed payye reporting. 3 carnival says ittwill
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ggve passengers 500 dollars and a full refund for he cruuseeand & all shipboard purchasss during the voyage.ttey are also offering discounts on fuuure 3 live rrport from aaabama coming up in llss than 30 minutes. 3 &p3 the offfcial photograppee of thh baltimore rrvens... is sharing some remarkabll photos... captured behind the scenes. ssenes.shawn hubbard shared the omentsswith us... atthis baltimore tudioo hursday.tthy bbfore the game... with a towel draaed over hii head. & n the field with his son.and -3&psteve isciottt... hugging john harbaugh. 3 shawn hubbardd rrvens & hotographer: "every moment &pthht happens, the image that you create ii going to be - compared to and put alonnside images that arr taken by the -33& best phhtographers n tte world."
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porld."hubbard is one of twwo official ravees''photographers. he says his favooite raven to yoo an see all ur coverrge of the ravens superrbowl on puu wwbsite... fox baatimore & pot com.justtclick n the & pharm ity champions banner. from the postgame celebration... includingg -3 player intervvews... and -3 instagram photos. 3 when most people think pf alentine's day its all &pflooers.... but if that iss & your giit this yeaa, there could be a hidden meening beeind thattseeection. selectiin.. joel d. smith to de-codeesome offthose gifts, and sse what are the & best sellers at a traditional favorite for alentines & day.... wochenfuss cannies. 3 3
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p3 one lucky ouple is getting marrieddtomorrrw... and yoo get to decide the details of their wedding! weddiig!it's our wedding in a wwek contest.starttng at 9
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ttis morning... go to our website fooxbaltimore dot com 3 music.and you can... watch... - errca and arttur ...gee married... live... on... foxx55 &pmorning news his friday. 3 comiig p on the erly sandy... into someehing beautiful..-3 wwo took inspiration... fromm - the fallout. 3 &p3 ((bbeak 1)) 3 ((bump in)) 3 ((bump in))
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3 ((bump in)))
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3 3 ((2-shot toss to weather)) (((d lii meteorologist)) 3 3 ((traffic reporter ad libb)) 3 3 ad libss)((ttaffic reporterr p
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3&p3 (((rrffic repprttr ad libs)) 175 kate vii 395 40
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3 3 3 3 -3 3 &p stiil to cooe... increasiig love.theetop five cities for singges... across the u-s.& cronin says: "if yoo love art,, turning something bbttered into something beautiful, then you'll love it." it."trass... into
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treasure.the famous boarrwalk... that's taken on ee life following -3 puper storm sandyy ((break 2)) p,
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3 3 more thannthree months after super storm sandyy wreaaed havoc in llog beach, new york, a local artist is battered boardwalk nto ppeces of art. joel waldman tellssus, trash is being treasuree 3beach boarrwalk... sandy had her way 3 pith it ... more than ttree monnhs ssorm strucc ...just about all the historic -3 landmark ...are these concrete stanchions.... youu 3 ... unless oo''e artist paureen cronin...cronin says: - "in the broken wooo i see long beach ffr your own personal vision of long beachh" visions offangels ... - seascapes .... cronin motivation... using the splintered, deetroyed wood create art.crrnin says: - "taking
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somethinggttat's -3 brooen anddddmaged anddturning into somethinggthat's ssntimental ann ice to look at and wonderful to have's one of my favooite thingssto do!" isplaced by sandy heeselff... thee hurricane alss swalloweddup all oo cronin's art work nn materiils were senn to her from an unlikely group of people... members of cronin'ss old college sorority, some whom shh had never even met... sent caae packagee, ooe off -3 phich wws an art kit, a full & pne with brushes and i thhnk i cried when i opened it." crrnin goo cracking .... she posted a facebook page already cmpleted 200 unique -3 pieccs of art ...with att east 3preating all ttisswith a partner ...both whhle working pull-time jobs.cronin says: "if you love art, turniin sommthing battered into something beautiful, then you'll loveeit." this & labor of love... far stronger thhn any devastttioo nd - destruction
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sandy ever could've whipped up... joel waldman fox 5 news..--3&p3& straight ahead... helpingg -3 ffnancially--inned singles... findd love match. match.the u-s cities... includdng oneelocal pot... that are potentiaa 3 ((break 3))
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3 - 3 loooing ffr love this - valentine'ssday?aanew survey 3 financially-savvy singles. karin caifa has thh list,,in - tooayys consumer watch. -3 watch. 3 single life can get &pexpensive, but if ou're pooking to settle down with a & partner who's also money- -3 minded, a new survvy oo the best cities for singles from kiplinger's ersonal finance has someeideas.the survey factorre income, cost oo living, the unemplooment rate, the number f singles nddthhe cost of a dateeniggh york gets film anddttv ccedit
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3 lifee but in reality he big cty lifestyle ccsts big bucks, pushing it down on hh llsst t came n at number ten & because it does hhve a high population of unmmrriid & people. but ii didn't rank so high in our list of ten because it comes wiih a very high cost of iving, not -3 surprrssng.colleges nd yyung peoplee and hat's howw the number one spot. it's probbaly best knoon for itss &psister city or itssneiggboring illinois state university hometown. so you do have a younger population because of the collegg crowd there. but it camm in with a hhgh meddan incomm. thee unner-up, baltimore, maryland.followed by ann arbbr, michigan, and new haven, connecticut.and at -&pnumberrfivee he top-ranked angeles. for coosumerrwatcc, i'm kaainncaifa. 3 coming uu... sending texxt messsges... under unusual circumsttnces.
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circumstances.why doccors bblieve cases f √°sseep &&ptexting√°... are on the rise. &
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